Sometimes, your towers alone just can't quite get the job done. That's where your Spells come into play. There are three spells at your disposal in Cursed Treasure 2, each with its own uses.

All of your spells require Mana to use. Mana builds over time, but you can speed it up by taking over a Mana Well or by picking up Mana Potions that enemies have a chance to drop. Once you have enough Mana, all you have to do is position

Cut Out Edit

Cut Out CT2

This spell allows you to cut down trees, turning forested tiles into normal terrain. Upgrading the Timber Yard skill will also leave behind 10 gold per level.

Cut Out can also be used to deplete the Durability of buildings - when their Durability is completely depleted, the building is seized in the name of your forces.

Cut Out costs 75 Mana to cast, but each level in the "Cut Out Mastery" skill reduces the cost by 8%; at maximum level, it only costs 45 Mana.

Terror Edit

Terror CT2

This spell inflicts Fear on every enemy in its range. If you have upgraded the "Life Drain" skill, it also damages them at 0.5% of their maximum health per level while frightened.

Terror can also be used to remove Charm from your towers and protect them from it for 2 seconds, making it an excellent countermeasure for Amazons.

Terror costs 100 Mana to cast, but each level in the "Terror Mastery" skill reduces the cost by 6%; at maximum level, it only costs 70 Mana.

Meteor Edit

Meteor CT2

This spell drops a burning meteor on the path, inflicting massive damage to every enemy in range. With the "Lava Core" skill, it also leaves behind a pool of lava for 6 seconds plus 1 extra second for every level of the skill, which deals 5 damage every half-second to all enemies moving over it.

Meteor is an effective countermeasure to enemies with the "Vanish" ability, such as Ninjas or Iron Guards. There is a slight delay between activating the spell and the actual meteor impact, so remember to lead your targets - target where they're about to be rather than where they currently are.

Meteor costs 200 Mana to cast, but each rank in the "Meteor Mastery" skill reduces the cost by 5%; at maximum level, it only costs 150 Mana.

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